Rusca Bros Services


Civil & earthworks

Rusca Bros Services, proudly owned by the Rusca Family, brings over four decades of expertise in delivering impactful outcomes and capacity-building initiatives across regional Australia. Specialising in the civil and construction sectors, we offer rewarding pathways for our employees while consistently achieving success in remote project locations. Our extensive portfolio includes collaborations with industry leaders such as Arrow Energy, Santos, Biosar Solar, Glencore, Kentz, Leightons, Hastings Deering, and Leighton Contractors.

With a combined workforce, we possess the capability to successfully execute a diverse range of projects. Renowned for our genuine commitment to Indigenous employment and our unwavering adherence to high standards of health, safety, quality, and environmental sustainability, we prioritise delivering exceptional outcomes. Our hands-on, collaborative approach ensures the creation of tailored solutions for our clients, consistently surpassing expectations.



• Solar Farm Civil & Mechanical Works
• Earthworks
• Bridgeworks
• Culverts
• Tailing Dams
• Quarry Operations
• Draining & Pipework
• Concrete Works
• Airfields


• Trucks
• Dog Trailers (inc. Roadtrains)
• Excavators
• Diggers
• Water Carts
• Moxy's
• Light Vehicles
• Crushing Circuits


• Capability & Feasibility Modelling
• Budget & Works Program
• Staffing & Training
• Safety & Environmental Management Systems
• Site Infrastructure Design & Engineering


Rusca Bros Services specialises in the civil and construction sectors, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of these industries.

Rusca Bros Services operates primarily in regional areas of Australia, leveraging our expertise to deliver successful outcomes in remote and challenging environments.

Rusca Bros Services is committed to promoting Indigenous employment opportunities within our workforce. Through targeted initiatives and partnerships, we aim to create meaningful pathways for Indigenous individuals in the civil and construction sectors.

Rusca Bros Services distinguishes itself through its genuine focus on delivering successful outcomes, combined with our unwavering commitment to health, safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. Our hands-on collaborative approach ensures that we exceed client expectations every time.

Yes, Rusca Bros Services has the capacity and expertise to successfully deliver a vast range of projects, from small-scale initiatives to large-scale developments. Our combined workforce and extensive experience enable us to tackle projects of varying sizes and complexities with confidence.

Rusca Bros Services upholds stringent standards of quality and safety on all projects. We implement robust quality control measures and prioritise the safety of our workforce and the communities in which we operate. Additionally, our adherence to industry best practices and regulatory requirements ensures that we deliver high-quality outcomes consistently.